Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my password

You can change your hivebench password at any moment.
Click on the “Account settings” link in your personnal menu at the top right of the screen.

This will open a form asking you for your current and new password.

Enter your current password and the new password you wish to use and click “Save changes” to see your password changed.


You should never share your password, even with one of your teammates. Instead, tell them to sign up for their own hivebench account
You can avoid many security issues by following a few rules:

  • Don’t use too short password (12 characters is a good length).
  • Don’t use only letters or only numbers in your password.
  • Don’t forget to add one or more special characters in your password,
  • Don’t use names of spouses, children, girlfriends/boyfriends, pets or anyone you know.
  • Don’t use phone numbers, social security numbers or birthdates.
  • Don’t use the same word as your log-in, or any variation of it.
  • Don’t use any word that can be found in the dictionary. Even foreign words.
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