Frequently Asked Questions

What is an experiment

As opposed to a protocol which is a generic and reusable laboratory recipe, an experiment is the specific procedure you followed and the results you got.

Experiment Visibility

All experiments are visible by all the notebook members.
Only the experiment author can edit it, if it’s not signed yet.

Signing and countersigning

When you have finished your experiment, you can sign it.

You can then invite other notebook members to validate your results and countersign your experiment.

Once signed, the experiment cannot be edited unless you unsign the experiment.
A countersign is valid only for a specific version of an experiment. If it’s unsigned, it’s uncountersigned too.


You can export any of your or your teammates experiments in many formats, for archiving, printing or sharing with any colleague not using hivebench, or not in your team.

The export button is located in the experiment sidebar, with the signing and countersigning buttons.

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