Frequently Asked Questions

How to import a calendar

Your calendar shows you all the experiments you have planned for the current week, or any you browsed into. You can also include a public google calendar into this calendar, to view your laboratory events with your experiments for example.

Making calendar public

Hover over the calendar you want to import, then click the triangle that appears on the the right side. Click on “Share this calendar” to go to the share settings page:

Change the settings so the calendar is public, like so:

Then click ‘Save’.

Getting the calendar ID

In Google Calendar, you can retrieve a calendar’s ID from the calendar’s settings page.

In the left sidebar, click on the cog at the right of the calendar name, and “Calendar settings”.

You will then see on the settings page a “Calendar Address” section. Copy the calendar ID.

Adding the URL into your account

Click on the “Account settings” link located in your personal menu at the top right of the screen.

Paste the calendar ID of your calendar in the “Import Google calendar” field and click “Import”.

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